“Space can mean so many different things. It could mean space between each other, it could be ourselves in the environment or having an environment where there is space. It could be the space inside your heart, to allow for forgiveness and patience and understanding.”

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  1. What a lovely website, 99matters. I had never heard of it.
    What is important to me? Peace and liberty: The freedom to choose, to be let alone by the bullies who work for the State (do what you are supposed to do: protect me from thieves and murderers and foreign enemies of my peace, and leave the rest alone!), to be able to fulfill my potential as best I can, to be responsible. I would like to have enough, not too much, so I can have the time and energy to help those in need or less fortunate than I. I don’t need a lot of money to do this. I think my being personally involved and hands-on does more good for another individual’s spirit than writing a check will (though, of course, money is a necessity, too).

    But there are many things important to me: work, family, love (agape and storge, I no longer look for eros, sadly), cats, gardens, beauty, quiet, music, laughter, learning, time for thinking and sharing.

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