“Today a black man was elected to be the president of America. The most powerful man in history is black. That’s something that fills my heart with joy and hope.”

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  1. What a nice and reasonable Guy! What a great band!

  2. let´s hope the future will happen as you described it, guy.

  3. Guy you said it so well in a few words. Hope it happens! Lovin the fantastic music from elbow.

  4. So profound, but so bloody funny at the same time…you’re a natural politician Guy, thinking on your feet. I vote for you!

  5. One year after… What would you say? I mean, hope always as a consequence of living. But, about how this peculiar moment in history faded in and still is special, how do you perceive this?

  6. i heard this month that obama is too softly softly because they government is lying to us end this madness now send them all back were they came from what a load of rot

  7. I’m so sorry it took me so long to wake up to wh0 and what elbow are as a band and a group of people. They have a social and personal conscience and the eloquence to express it in a way that isnt preaching and entertains enormously. Listening to their music is like coffee & a bacon sandwich on a cold winters morning, it satisfies you and leaves you with a warmer feeling than you had before and ready to face the day.

    Cant wait to see what you do next!

  8. There’s an akward 15 second gap from 1:05 to 1:20 which I find funny, but good interview, good man, and good point about how they can change back from a war machine.

  9. Im old and not at my best!But i found you and your fantastic music on C.I.N. have been finding out lovely things about you ,your life and the band and of course listening to a bit more of your music.Read about the forthcoming Olympic anthem in the Guardian.Borowing an album from the daughter in law.Keep singing,and spreading happiness

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