Kate Nash

poem for laura.

“I want to move to our house in the field, just tell me when and I’ll be there, I drop everything for you, you are my best friend, I don’t even have a boyfriend, my mind is occupied, my buzz is rocket high, above the moon and back again, who I love is you.”

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  1. i want ot say this things to my best friend Andrea aLso(kate told it soooo smart, cute, bold and nice), except fOr the boyfriend, because We both havE it… but…. a big piece of me is always for HER. read the BIG letters only, Andrea

  2. i really like this. thanks.

  3. Its soooooooooooo cute!!!
    And it reminds me of Jo <3

  4. i love this poem! it really reminds me of my best friend too! tho we both have boyfriends…but even so we’re still really close like that

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