Mando Diao


“People want to tell us what to wear and what to say. If you have the power to say ‘Fuck them!’ you’ve come a long way. To remain that strength is very important to me.”

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  1. I always thought these guys were total dicks, but they seem quite nice. I guess they would say “Fuck him” anyway if they knew that I thought they were dicks, so what’s the point?

  2. I can’t help it: douche bags!

  3. Hmm… a little sloppy… but interesting technique.

  4. now come on, these lads are alright. only no go: these silver shoes!

  5. They are great, I hope more like bring ‘em in

  6. Are you bloggers nuts?..oh, well probably very jealous and.. haters too!
    They are soooo good!!

    You are so good, keep going guys. I adore the lyrics, the style, the music, the personality, the rythm,..and the MTV unplugged was the best :-)
    I heard mando diao one late evening when I felt like crap and betrayed by a friend I needed in my life at that point, and my spirits were lifted immediately. I felt related to what I was listening, the ‘dancing by your self to your favourite song (now their songs are my favourite songs) in your living-room’…

    Thanks guys. Do what you do best:-)

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