sharing moments.

“If I would be alone here it would be interesting. But there would lack something. It’s like you’re on a beautiful island… alone. What’s the point?”

Listen to Phoenix


  1. what´s up with the guy to the right?…

  2. hah. he seems to be uncomfortably affected. I love this french accent, I love Phoenix <3

  3. this video makes me happy because you can see real friendship there! i think this is what makes their music so special! when you see for example an interview with U2 it´s always Bono talking and the others looking impassive or irritated but it is so different here! there is no need for Deck D´Arcy to talk because you can see that he totally agrees and it is so sweet when he is hugging Christian Mazzalai! I love this band, they are magic!

  4. I love Phoenix! His accent is cute =D

  5. While I really have no idea, I think it may be a language barrier; as I’ve only seen the fellow on the right actually speak English (besides Thomas Mars). However I could be totally wrong.

  6. deck d’arcy. i love deck d’arcy. he conveys so much with saying anything at all.

  7. These guys are stoned.

  8. 01:14… This is what I love ! :)

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