love and be loved.

“I’ve been asked to say what is really important to me, which is either the most brilliant or possibly the stupidest question I’ve ever heard, I’m not really sure. To me the answer is obvious and I can’t believe that anybody would answer the queston differently…”

Listen to Stars


  1. [...] de lata) a un montón de grupos en gira, y he sido ovacionada por llevar a otros a comer bien. La respuesta obvia que esperaría de Torquil de Stars, y creo que del 90 % de la población mundial, y del 100 % de [...]

  2. i’m wondering myself: brilliant question or stupid question? depends…

  3. [...] ist wirklich wichtig im Leben? Filmisch festgehaltene Antworten von Musikern, unter anderem: “Love and be Loved” (Torquil Campbell – Stars),  “Traveling” (Anders Wendin – Moneybrother) oder [...]

  4. nice answer and to top it off…I agree!

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