Tegan And Sara

rules and organization.

“We break our own rules. But it’s important just to have them, they are like a basic structure for my life. I have to have rules, otherwise I would be out of control.”

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  1. tegan is sooo cute. i think i like her a bit more than sara. a little bit…

  2. omg i also make my own rules…i dont know how people can life without order…is crazy.
    p.s. she is cute as a button

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  4. awww she is so damn right!

    I have a 9 to 5 job but that doesnt keep me organized at alllll. In fact, it fcks up everything. you get home, it’s almost six and you wont start doing anyhing cuz the day is almost over. So it’s really easy to watch time flying by and not accomplishing anything… and when sht hits the fan you wish you did take time to do things. anyway… kudos for Tegan.

  5. i love her! she is so awesome in playing music

  6. ahh tegan…
    you are so so amazing…

  7. how is it possible someone with a mullet and a black hoody be adorable?

  8. girls both of you are amazing!!! i ‘d like to have you in MEXICO

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